Im looking for someone to sing for my one man (kinda symphonic)black metal band,i have a few tracks already made i just need some vocals(shrieked,growled etc.)on them,anyone interested either PM me or answer here and ill send the tracks to u so u can record the vocals.Also it would be awesome to make an online black metal band so anyone interested in that too
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i'm very interested in this. i think i might be your man. My vocal style is mid-high range black metal vocals with the occasional growls and tenor/baritone range clean singing. My primary influences are chuck schuldiner (death), mikael akerfeldt (opeth), john haughm (agalloch), shagrath (dimmu borgir), and the vocalist for At the Gates whos name escapes me.
send me a message if you're interested!
I am definitely interested as well, and have recorded my own vocals. I have good equipment for it as well.

Heres links to 2 songs with my vocals:

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My vocal style might work for you. I'll let a recording speak for itself.

Screams start around 50 seconds in.


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lol i feel popular ok il lcheck all ur individual recordings and see i might just ask all of u to give me ur takes on a song
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One time I saw a flower and said "Thats pretty."

My dad responded "Pretty gay..."