I was wondering if anyone had any scales or riffs i could learn to help me write spacey, spiritual melodies? Im so used to playing mathcore or technical death metal i dont know how to make a normal melody anymore.
I have a CD with like 20 traditional NA musical tracks on it. The vocals is what I tend to listen to as the drums are really repetitive. Might even provide some interesting guitar ideas.

When I hear 'space rock' I think bands like Hawkwind, Monster Magnet and on occasion Kyuss. Are we on the same page? I generally use modulation and screw with the settings on my delay while playing, oscillating and stuff. Fuzz is awesome as well.

I find just about any scale lends itself to this kinda stuff, but I'm most comfortable with the minor scales (pentatonic, normal). Experiment with some of the weirder ones like the harmonic minor and double harmonic scales as well.
Hey thanks!!!!!!
the point you made with the repetitive drums sounds really cool, i have noticed in repetitive music it begins to have a droney hypnotic effect, maybe i could use that with a more upbeat song and have a nice effect. Do you know the name of the CD you own? i would really appreciate it.
I really like the band Hawkwind, but i was wondering more about the tone in songs like astronomy domine - pink floyd, Stellar - Incubus, or anything slow and psychedelic.
what does "oscillating" mean haha? your ideas sound really cool, I appreciate alot!!!!!!!!!
im really new to this once again, and this is helping me alot!
Learning modes will help a lot with this. If I know what you're on about, try the mixolydian or maybe lydian scale. Also, I'd recommend watching rob chappers' youtube video on "pitch axis theory" - I learned a lot more from those couple of videos than I did from my old guitar teacher.

Fuzz, analog delay pedals (Turning the knobs while playing can create oscillations), maybe a tubescreamer or something along those lines for lead playing. These are some of your friends. Maybe even a little chorus, although be cautious as too much can sound cheap and tacky.

Also, oscillatinion to us guitar players is basically the effect you can get by twiddleing with the knobs of an analog delay pedal while you play. This can make loads of weird screechy, detuning, growling noises depending on how you use them.
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The CD I have is called Authentic Music of the American Indian. Its technically my brother's CD, but he never used it and it was a gift from one of our travelling relatives so I don't really know where it came from.

Here's an example of oscillation starting at about 1:15:


Here's a modern tribalish song:


Tool's drummer, Danny Carey, does a lot of polyrhythmic drum patterns that give off a very tribal and foreign feel. Listen to Tool's Lateralus album as a reference point.