Alright, so, first post for me here.
So correct me on anything if I'm wrong on anything since I'm just a little baby here.

But recently, I've been into a lot of melodic hardcore.
More of the interesting stuff compared to the "Chug-chug I sound like every other band" kinda music.

I've been listening to bands like For The Fallen Dreams, Misery Signals (Not sure if they're considered melodic hardcore, but hey, they're talented), Shai Hulud, and The Ghost Inside.

I'm usually not a sucker for such precise genres, but I love this stuff.

What are your thoughts on those bands? Any other good bands you could suggest for me?
Wouldn't it make more sense to ask the Forum Recommendation thread in the Hardcore Forum?
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Like i said "Little baby" haha.
Brand new as of like 3 hours ago. Haven't explored the whole site yet.
So ill go do that. Thanks guys.
No worries man. Give Dangers a shot, one band that I've been spinning a lot lately.

And you might like Touche Amore as well
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