So im looking for amp that can get me a sound like these guys http://www.myspace.com/musicofchon. I'll be using this amp for my schools jazz band too so it needs to have some pretty good cleans. my budget is around 500-600 and im willing to go used. thankss
well, check your craigslist and local GC/shops for used gear and report back.

i assume you gig?

The 6505+112 actually has pretty decent cleans but I don't think I'd use one for Jazz. I'd seriously get a Peavey Vypyr tube 60 112 combo. $450 new. That leaves you some cash for the Sanpera II pedal. You'll be happy with the amp models and you can do any genre under the sun.
500-600 what? US dollars? Yuang? Euros? Fatted goats?
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Fatted goats?

go to your local guitar store and check some stuff out. easiest way to find what you want.
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