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Right now I have D'Addario Super Light Plus strings on my strat... the string gauges are .0095-.044... I would like to switch to a higher gauge string (at least on the top 3) I was looking at Dunlop's Zakk Wylde strings which range from .10 to .60. Would I have to make a few adjustments with my neck? Are there any other ranges which would give me a little more... I don't particularly know how to describe it... an acoustic guitar kind of feel on the strings? I play a lot of blues / pop... and I feel really comfortable with the strings on my acoustic, and I actually have come to hate the lower gauge strings. Suggestions for any kind of strings that'll get me closer to that "acoustic" feel I've come to love would really be appreciated... thank you =)
that string pack is like a really wild array of guages, but yea u might wana take it to a tech if ur planning on playing in standard.
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bump, could someone answer the last post >.< sorry!! if it helps I have a fender strat with a tremolo bridge.. I heard you have to add springs or something if you go up spring gauges?! is this true??
I use the GHS Heavyweight Boomers, they're the same exact thing as the Dunlop Zakk Wylde (he jumped sponsors from GHS to Dunlop: the string model number for the GHS ones are still GBZW ). They're heavy strings, so your guitar def needs to be set up properly to handle the pressure. IDK if you'll get the acoustic tone you want, but the thick strings can sound real bluesy and give a real fat tone.
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You might need to make a couple adjustments but there is a chance you can just slap them on and have at it.If you have a trem you will need to adjust that but if you have a hard tail there is only one way to find out. Try them and see. Remember kiddies it is not rocket science.

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