since i started a somwhat stupid guitar thread yesterday, i thought y knock out the other one while im at it. My question is, what is your favorite part of a guitar? mine from greatest in this order prolly is
Neck Joint/body construction (neck thru bolt on, etc)
Bridge Type
number of frets

Also, Do u use ur personal guitar part-fetishes to determine what kind of guitar u want?
cant say i dont love a good inlay, but ill have to go with the fretboard
I enjoy sticking my penis into the input jack.
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The input jack.

Because I can make sweet, sweet love to it.
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I enjoy sticking my penis into the input jack.

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Guitar fetish? I love that place!

Oh wait, you said guitar parts fetish...I don't have one of those, I just like a guitar that feels good.

hehe i wasn't even thinkin bout guitar fetish when i wrote this, but yeah guitar fetish is awesome
Neck through neck joint. Just got my first neck through the other day

Man rubbing that is like fapping.... cept it lasts longer than 20seconds huhuhu
my Rg321 "weathered black" finish. and it's neck joint type!
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