So..I have a Squier Telecaster that's been sitting around for years in my room. The neck is broken. I thought it would be a fun project to replace the neck and maybe even put some different pickups in the guitar and have a decent sounding axe. I have two much better guitars now, but would like to restore this guitar for the fun of it.

I've seen a good deal of replacement tele necks on ebay for under $100 and they look of good quality. Most aren't predrilled though to fit to the body. Should I just line up the holes and drill it in..? Seems I could really mess things up lol. Also, which tuners fit a 10mm hole? I'm looking to put locking tuners in. Thanks guys.
Ok. Check scale length and check the size/shape of the pocket.

Make sure the holes go in straight down - or ittal tear it apart, and not to deep - set a depth lock if you can!

Recon you could get hipshot tuners? I have a diagram for them with sizes somewhere....

EDIT2 : Just saw teh 'locking tuner' bit. Ah well - ask about the hipshot guys were good enough to send me a blueprint thing so just ask em/any other company!

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Right now I mainly use my EC1000 or my Hamer...but I wanted to get a more "garagy" type guitar, if that makes sense. I've been looking at Ibanez Jet Kings. But I thought..why not make it my own..take this squier tele and put a new neck with a good bolt..new tuners and new pickups. The guitar body is already beat up looking..

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