I'm pretty sure you can only get those cases when you buy the guitar, almost positive they aren't sold separate. So if you bought it second hand, the dude you bought it from kept the case and gave you a cheaper one. If you bought it from a guitar store, then they did a swap and you should discuss it with them.

Edit: There are three up on ebay, just noticed you have a discontinued model too, don't know how you went about acquiring the guitar but I'd definitely discuss it with the seller before you buy something online, that's saying you purchased the guitar in the last week.
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Oh nah - ive had my PGM for a while now.
I'm thinking of getting a J Custom, but the seller doesnt have the original case so just for aesthetics i'm thinking of getting a case for it too.
Tell me, is this seller online or in person? I would say take your business elsewhere if you can, unless you're dead set on this particular J Custom and can't find it anywhere else. I know it's just case but if the dude's selling a J Custom without the original case it's supposed to come with, he's more than likely B-S'in you & keeping it.

I was about to buy an RG7CST a year or so ago, but the owner didn't have the original pickups, claimed he lost them and wanted to sell it to me without the original electronics for new price; I don't care how limited the guitar is, if it doesn't come with everything it came with from the get go then I don't want it, it might take me a little while longer, but odds are there's somewhere else I can get what I want the way I am supposed to.

Again, I know it's just a case, but given how difficult it can be to get one like you want and people keeping them while giving you a shoddy case so they can make more profit from the original is just whack.
Isn't the J-Custom Case the same as the J-Craft case, just with different writing on it? I don't see why it having a case or not would be a reason to not buy the guitar, if the price is right. Afterall, it's the guitar you want, not the case.
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The case is part of the package deal, you don't want a crappy case that will fall apart over time, you need a good case that can handle some beatings, albeit I have no idea what kind of case will come with the J Custom he's buying from said seller. Those J Custom cases are solid and it's what I'd want my guitar in if I owned a J Custom, the inside is an extra bonus as well.

I also say this because that's what guitar center did when I bought my first expensive and high quality guitar at 15, they kept the good case it was supposed to come in and gave me a piece of crap case that pops open at times when it's set down rough, the case literally started falling apart two years down the road, ten years later, I don't trust and kick myself for not knowing then what I do now.

I'm not trying to discourage the OP from buying this guitar, definitely get it if it's exactly what you want and you can't find it anywhere else, some of those J Customs are one of a kind, but if you can get it somewhere else bro, I'd look into a little more. Shady people do cut corners if it can make them an extra buck, whether they work for a guitar store or it's being sold second hand.