This is the first song i've ever written, I'm not sure about the title though. It was influenced by recent events in my life, family problems mostly. I'm 16, and am influenced by Punk, Alternative, and acoustic...I have no idea what direction i'm going to take this song and how to make it sound, but here are the lyrics. Feedback is greatly appreciated. I'll admit it's not a well-structured song, however I plan on stretching the words so they cover the length of syllables, you'd have to hear it in my mind...

Are we so estranged?
So distant, far away?
They promised us a better life,
but this feels so unchanged.

A promise that you planned to break,
still lingers in my thoughts
This is my life, but does that even matter?
I still feel this heart ache.

But i know how hard it is
for you to live in fear...
of what tomorrow brings.

Please just get through this day.
Please don't throw your life away.
Please just stay here through the day.

If you stay here through the night
and don't give up the fight
I won't throw it all away.

And I know how hard it is
but do not live in fear
of what tomorrow brings.
Thats a solid first song. I'm unsure about "but this feels so unchanged" in the first verse but apart from that I think its good.

Musically you could probably try all sorts of styles for it. I could see it fitting acoustic music or something heavier. Looks like a fun song to experiment with.