Hey Can Anyone Help Me Coil Split My Wilkinson Zebra Humbuckers Using A Pull Push Pot

Btw the guitar i am using only has 1 vol and 1 tone and a 3 way toggle
If I remember correctly the wilkinson pickups have 2 wires so you can't coil split them without taking the pickup apart and risking damage to the pickup. It's not worth it, either live with full humbucker tone if you love the wilkinson tone that much or get a set of pickups with 4 conductor wires
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1) Use This diagram if you want to use seperate push pulls and This diagram if you only want to use one push pull. From what I can find the Wilkinsons have the same colors as SD pickups.

2) This should have been in the wiring thread, please refer all further wiring questions to The Ultimate Guitar Wiring Thread. This thread is *reported* for close.


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second, please use the wiring thread. im sure this has been asked before, so searching in there before you ask again is recomended.