Is there anyone out there who can explain scales and keys to me please? Everything i try to read seems to be written for those that have knowledge of musical theory........i can play a bit but i have none!!!!

Please help!!!
You are asking us to teach you music theory...? Come on dude. It really isn't that hard. I had it sorted when I was 9.
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I think it's okay to ask- I am learning about it now at school in music

I would tell you, but I only just started that kinda stuff, so if i tell you the wrong thing, you're ****ed, and I'd never forgive myself!!! lol. Also, there is a lot to explain.

Look, I am learning all that stuff in this little book here:

It's titled "Essential Music Theory, Grade 1", by Gordon Spearitt. I personally think it's great, and there are about 40 pages, and each one is helpful and great. Seriously, it great.

Oh and sorry for the poor quality of the image.
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If you can be arsed look up the pentatonic scales on the internet. As long as you understand tab you'll be able to learn them without actually knowing much theory.

Soon you can improvise stuff and all that crap. Takes a while before it sounds any good though.
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