Is anyone else getting bummed out by the loud, invaise advertisements at the bottom of your search results on ug? FAR OUT!

Now, before I get the rational police harking about the 'real world' and how ug 'needs money to surive' etc etc.... Believe me, I know all about it. I just cant take it anymore! I view tabs on ug pretty much every day and after however long of having these intrusive advertisements telling me about "Pimples......It's complicated" or "I'm going to sit this one out have a sore throat" everytime I search for tabs I freaking out!

I'm not sure whether all users suffer the same pain, in Australia im getting hit with 2 ads at the bottom of every search page. Each ear piercingly as loud as one another, and its often the same ad playing at different stages or two entirely different ads blowing me away.

I know everyone needs bread to survive. But surely their are more humane alternatives? Having quieter ads? NOT HAVING TWO PLAYING AT THE SAME TIME? MORE INTERESTING ADS?
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how about you use the bad ads forum and put in a complaint rather than whining about it here.
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because I'm afriad my knowledge of proper ug process is simply no where near as great as yours

Well, no problem, you can use the forum here , but first, read the rules about how to report bad adds here

This can also enlighten you more.

I read 'gay advertisements'.
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This. Ive never experienced your so called horrifying adverts.
meh, it's just an add and they have mute buttons.
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Holy crap, check this out!
I'm sure you could set an ad blocker to specifically block that sound...if it doesn't block the ad to begin with.

Those ads are old as shit, adn I hate all banner ads that are made loud enough to hear over music.

Specially when i got my head phones up listenign to loud music
hearing damage yo.
They shouldn't have sound. It just makes me refresh the page, it's doing the opposite of what it's meant to.
script block addon?
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I've used Firefox for years and never seen this "Ad blocker"
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I've used Firefox for years and never seen this "Ad blocker"

its called ad block plus or something. It totally legit, its a add on? i think.
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Bad Ad thread.
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