I want to buy electric guitar. I'll probably choose between these 2 WI66PRO or Yamaha AES 920. I'll play mostly instrumentals, light and hard rock (from Clatpon to Metallica) and eventually blues. Can you tell, which guitar is "better"? Thank you!
Neither is better dude... the 'better' one is the one that you prefer.
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Holy crap, check this out!
I know, but I will not have a chance to try eather of them. Two man sells those guitars and they a too far from me. All I know is that those are new guitars and I got photos. I play classic guitar and now I want to play e guitar.
isn't the 920 made in japan? I think it's about £1500... conversely the wi66pro is about £400 and is made in korea.

I'd say the yamaha is better, assuming you've got your model names correct.
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