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small enough scar above my right eye. banged my head on a table when i was 5 lol

Got one on my left elbow from when I was a lot younger (tripped and landed directly on my elbow on some nasty gritty concrete - blood everywhere, worse than World War II etc) but I forget it's there half of the time.
I have shiiitloads from my hardXcore whiny teenage days. Some days I am ashamed of them and others I walk around with them on display in a kind of "**** the world" way, even though it makes no sense.
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Quite a large one on my knee where I fell down a hole when I was younger, and one on my back where my sister pushed me off a swing. I also have some small scars from chicken pox, but they don't really count.
i got heaps. most of them are little some are big, i have one on my head from when I ran into a doorframe.
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back of my head where a piece of skull came out. one on my hand from dropping hot acid on it. i'm such a hard bastard.

and one from burning myself again...on the iron
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Big Scar on my forehead.
I got it when I ran into a wooden bar at my very first gig...
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Little scars on my knees (when i was young, i feel of my bike on the dirt, and heaps of little stones stuck into my knees, so they had to pull it out), and one on my eye lid (got scratched by one damn fairy bastard, ... man i hate cats)
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yeah, i got one on my wrist from falling off a trampoline. I also have one on my knee when I fell over while running drunk on a rooftop. I didn't fall off the roof though.
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I've got on running from my neck to my ass on my back, it's about 5 cm wide and 1 meter long

chicks don't dig that one..
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I've got one one my hand.

From baking some fairy cakes, and then touching the pan thing.
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I have quite a bad one on my ankle from when I was playing football when I was younger and it was on a crap pitch with several potholes, and I stepped in one whilst running causing my ankle to snap and the bone to poke through the skin. The scar isn't all that big, just horrible to look at after knowing what happened to cause it.

I've got another on my knee-cap from when I was on a bike and swerved to dodge a car and went knee first into a signpost. It cut me straight down to the bone, but it was easily stitched up, just left a scar about 6-7 inches long across my knee.
I have a big thick one that's almost entirely covered by my eyebrow, annoyingly. I was that close to looking like I had some element of toughness, instead I just have a permanent wry expression.
I have one below my right eye, from when I was young. I sorta... jumped into a table. And I can still remember it...
Got a scar on my right index finger from touching the glass on a fireplace.

And a scar on my right shin from grazing it at plaground.

And I've got scars on my head (I think) from when I pretty much nose-dived onto a toy pirate ship as a kid. Mum said there was blood everywhere
Ummmm 2 main ones.
Chest: From just above breastbone to 4" above naval.
Left Leg: From inner thigh just below the works to ankle.
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It's no flesh wound either, there was organs n shit up in that cut.

and my lifelong dream of being a belly dancer was crushed.
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On my right hand, I have scars on my 3 middle fingers, most of the area between the top and second knuckle, which I got by sticking my hand into an oven when I was a toddler.

I have 3 horizontal scars about 4 inches long on my back, no idea how I got those.
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Big ass scar on my side from falling out a tree and scraping my side on the bark on the way down.

I've got a new scar on my left hand from when I slipped and cut my hand open on some scissors.

And there's one on my ankle from when I put my foot through a plater board wall.
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my knees and elbows are literally all scarred, some on my knuckles and hands, the top of my wrist, my shins (from BMX days) my ankle and a HUGE one on my elbow that took out part of a tattoo from skateboarding. oh and one on my stomach from when I ate it riding a vert ramp and landed from the top straight onto the end of my handle bar and impaled myself a little.
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Got a scar from the top of my forehead down, in the shape of a lightnight bolt so i get called harry potter.
One on my left hand just before my thumb.
One on my middle knuckle on my right hand.
and other little ones dotted about.
One on my knee from when I was doing PE in primary school. I fell and slid for about 10 feet. When it was fresh the cut was about half an inch deep. Another one is on my thumb from when my friend and I were messing with a pen knife and he cut my thumb open by accident.
I have one on my right knee thats got grit in it still after 2 years. Hurts like hell to hit.

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scar right above my right foot where my brother hit be with an axe when i was about 8. nothing big, didn't hurt (though it did cut to the bone) so its no big deal...
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One above my right eye
One on my left shin
One on my right arm/elbow
One on my left hand

They're all noticable
got a little one on my knee from a car crash

on my left hand ring finger from getting it slammed and severed in a door

one you can barely see on my cheek from my running into a tree when I was six

a few graze scars on my hips and elbows from diving like a gimp in volleyball (most of the time i can do it scar-free )

a few graze scars on my arse from going down this enormous mud slide carved out of a mountain about a million times while i was wasted
I have one on my left thumb; I walked into my brother holding a sharp knife.
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Speaking of scars, I have been wondering something for ages and now the opportunity has arisen.

I know the Pit, the paragon of medical and developmental knowledge, will be able to help me.

Is your mouth an open wound? Ever since I was little, ive looked at the mouth like a big cut, and lips as scar tissue. It's something I cant unsee, and im wondering if there is anything to it.
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I've got 3 on the index, ring and middle knuckles of my left hand.
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I have a scar that covers the whole of my left palm from when I put it against a live iron when I was about 18 months old.
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Burn scar on my wrist which won't seem to fade, shitloads of scars on my hands from assorted tools, faint set of scars along my right forearm from running past a barbwire fence and catching my arm on it, small scar on right knee from learning to cycle.

None of my scars have badass stories, they're just thanks to my clumsiness
🙈 🙉 🙊
one on my right kneecap. i was playing squirt guns with my mom when i was three and fell down on our rock driveway. yup, pretty badass scar story.
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I have a scar on the back of my right hand from dropping an electrolysis electrode on it (some retard had used one piece of metal to complete the circuit, so it was fucking hot.)
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