Just 2 quick questions to the mods/admins about a couple of songs/an artist not being named right in the tabs.

Firstly though i'm going to assume words like "And" and "The" get removed from tab names often because they're too common? If so, i've probably just answered most of my own questions, but i'm not sure if this is the case (which is why i'm asking).

So anyway, i'd uploaded a tab of a song called 'The Wagon ', but it got renamed to 'Wagon', probably to match the other tab of the song which was wrongly named 'Wagon' as well. The thing is, there's another song in the tabs by the same group, called 'The Post', which keeps the 'the' at the start.

Also, the artist "J Mascis And The Fog" comes up as "J Mascis The Fog" in the artist search, when other artists get to keep the 'the' in their name.
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