Hello Guys, I discoverd that I have a problem that I dont really know how to solve...
I hate playing with metronome but I decided to do it theese last days to get my timing better....

This is an example of my problem : I can play straight 4/8/16th notes on a open string/same note perfect but as soon i start playing around with my righthand I f*ck up and the timing becomes awfull.

Just to explain a bit more of the problem, The songs I can play for example Enter sandman which I can play perfect, but If I try to play it solo with a metronome its really hard :S

Sry for bad expliantion and english!
Yeah, that explanation was fairly bad. I would suggest that you play slowly and speed it up, so you get better and better while playing in time.

And you need to practice... there's no shortcut to gaining expertise.
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Hmm I get you but let me xplain it more simple...

For example: If I know a song and play it while listing the song my timing is perfect but if I play with a metronome only the timing is rly bad...
how can I practice when my timing with metronome is totally off? but perfect with music :S
It is probably the phrasing and accents that you're having problems with if they aeren't in the right place you will be off with the metronome.
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Quote by Zooku
how can I practice when my timing with metronome is totally off? but perfect with music :S

Set the metronome to a slower tempo, and use your hands to clap out the notes. The problem you're having is that you're not familiar w/ where the beats fall in relationship w/ the notes.
my friend has this problem but unfortunatly he never got over it. i guess i used to ne like that. i just listen to the music alot and i got rythm in my soul...lol my advice, count it in your head. One Two Three Four as you playing. eventually youll be able to stick tight to different rythms.
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Try major and minor scales along with the metronome. Start first with one octave, then two. And maybe with two rings per tone. Switch it up.

Also use the spider exercise, will help tons. And also try this exercise I invented.