C4C, another one of my songs that's nearly finished. Would appreciate title suggestions too

You were never really listening
To the things that I was saying
You don't know just how I feel at all.

To be honest I don't want to
Make this harder than I have to
But sometimes its easier this way.

If I tell you one more time
Will that make you change your mind?
Or Will you think that I'm nothing at all.

Sitting here outside your window
Here it comes - the "Please never go"
Does it really mean a thing to you?

We should,
Our seperate ways.
And No-one,
Should Speak,
Of You,

Sometimes I wonder why we met
Its something I tried to forget
Just because it never worked for us.

Did we really have so much in
Common that we fell for ourselves
Head over heels in what we called love.

Thinking back to days we had then
You've changed so much that I can't see
Just what it is that happened to us.

I don't think that this has worked out
You and I should sit this one out
Maybe we'd be better off alone.

So then,
We'll go,
Our seperate ways.
And never,
Speak of,
Each other,