It's always helpful to learn more music, no matter the genre. And learning classical, if nothing else, will be an excellent technique builder.
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It's also always helpful not to make the same thread twice.
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Holy crap, check this out!
I have been classically trained and yes it is definetly worth it.
Classical music requires greater finesse and when that is then applied to other types of music the difference is astonishing. The best guitarists in the world are classical guitarists.

That particular piece though can destroy you in the scond part, there are some rather unconventional stretches due to the fact the price is actually meant to be played on the lute. Do youreself a favour and find something else.
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It's also always helpful not to make the same thread twice.

god calm down sorry. i just didnt know what category to put it in
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I wondered if learning a few basic classical guitar pieces would help me with my overall ability with the insturment. The first song im learning is minute in G http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/j/johann_sebastian_bach/minuet_in_g_ver2_tab.htm
Ive got the first part down. What are you thoughts, is it worth it to learn some classical guitar pieces if your more of a rocker type player?

Ofcourse it's worth it.
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