Help a brother out. I think some parts could be "spiced" up a bit and i think i might have over done it with the amount of different riffs, this is just a popcore song you know :P

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OMG, that was crazy good! Very like something Four Year Strong would do. You didn't over do the riffs and its pretty much good to go. No real major changes needed in my opinion.
I Like Deathcore, Deal With It!
Major Key Metal ;D

Quite a lovely piece, actually.
We need more pop/punk (ect etc) here in UG.

Loved every second.
The Speed Up at bar 38 reminded me of Blink-182.

At bar 66 and 70, you had me hating you.
Nice choice of octaves! Wish I had thought of them like that

The one thing that stood out for me was the breakdown.
You managed to combine metal with punk, without it sounding like crap and as Grave Robber said, it was very Four Year Strong-ish.

All in all, a wonderful piece. Think 'New Found Glory' cross 'Four Year Strong'.
9/10. Needs some Vocals ;D
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