Strictly as an ornament... a wall decoration if you will... I couldn't sell it as functional as the neck is a little warped, but with a replacement it would be ok.

For the mods: I'm not trying to sell it here lol, I'd use the classifieds if I was, but I've had an offer for it and want to get opinions so I can judge whether it's a reasonable offer or not

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How much did you get offered for it?

I don't want to say just yet... I want to have peoples unbiased opinions without having a figure in mind.
Personally if I wanted to get rid of it I'd take anything around the £100 mark, probably not for much less though; looks like a nice looking guitar, good condition etc. If I really wanted to keep the guitar it'd have to be a really, good offer for me to consider parting ways with it.
Quote by Echohead
Personally if I wanted to get rid of it I'd take anything around the £100 mark, probably not for much less though; looks like a nice looking guitar, good condition etc. If I really wanted to keep the guitar it'd have to be a really, good offer for me to consider parting ways with it.

Thanks It is a pretty nice looking guitar. I wish I knew how to replace the neck, because a new one would really make this guitar playable. Also would need the wires from the pickup soldered back on to the volume pot.

But in all honesty, this was designed as a decoration, kinda like an awesome 3D poster in a way
Given it's decorative rather than functional i can't really judge it's value on guitar type merits. If you say it's unplayable than i'd say £50-100, but if someone really wanted it then it could go for more.

Art is valued by how much it can be sold for, not by it's technical quality. This is technically nice, so would probably sell for a bit, but not too much.
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uhh... maybe somewhere between 75 to 80 USD (so whatever GBP that is equivalent to that amount)

I mean, even if it's non-functional, it is only fair that you get some money for the hardwares and, more importantly, the body wood... Even if they are low quality parts, they should be worth somewhere around that or even more.
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Meh... I'm not really worried about the wood or the hardware.

It's more about the art, and the time that was put into stripping it down and re-finishing the body, and painting the design
im not sure if anyone else noticed, but the graphic is of the members of slipknot. that may or may not affect the price. also an art appraiser may do a better job than us, being that most guitarists will judge the playable features
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$10 would be a stretch for me to buy a Slipknot guitar. But if you actually LIKE them...umm...$100, $150 tops?
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Slipknot devalues it. Sorry
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if i was a slipknot fan? maybe 200 us tops. that's how much art school grade art objects cost around here.
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Yep, it is Slipknot
Not really sure how anyone missed that lol, but I guess if you're not a fan, you're not going to notice.
$100, though a Slipknot fan might go a bit more.
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0.01 $ cause I hate slipknot..

I'm guessing a slipknot fan will give you something between 100 and 200 bucks
Your best course of action would be to sell it to a Slipknot fan. You'll get the most out of it that way
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Depends, what kind of wood is the body? Since the neck is twisted. EH, maybe 50 bucks. But if the guitar was an Ibanez or a common brand that I could easily acquire a neck for it, I would pay 100 bucks or more for the body alone.

Plus, looks like the body could use a few more coats of gloss. Make it shine for Paul Grey RIP.
It's just basswood. The reason I decided to paint it in the first place is because it's an Encore so not the best in the world to start with.
The neck isn't twisted as such, but it's got a lot more neck bow than is normal. I tried to correct it by tightening the TR but no effect - which led me to assume it's busted. But it doesn't freewheel, so I'm not 100% sure without removing the fretboard (a lot of work for an Encore)

Thanks for the suggestion about the gloss, but it's deliberately matt. I ummed and ahhed about whether to gloss it, but I've always quite liked matt instruments, and I saw this matt varnish in my local DIY store and just decided to use that. It's got 4 or 5 coats on so it's quite well protected
For an Encore strat with that, I'd give you £30, 50 tops. Meh on the finish though. Ironically, my mate has an Encore identical to that (other than the finish) in Drop B, and for an Encore, its pretty sick.