hey. i have a yamaha F310-BP acoustic guitar which has brass strings and i was wondering if changing them to steel strings would have any negative affects on the sound of the guitar which at the moment i really like. any help would be appreciated thanks.
It might. Steel strings tend to sound a bit thin on acoustic guitars. There is no harm in trying though.
My Taylor T-5 has steel strings on it - came that way from Taylor. Sounds great.
'i like the sound of my guitar at the moment, should i change it?"
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Try if you want to know what the steel ones would sound like. Get the same gauge as the brass ones so you'll know the difference better, although I bet both have different tension ratings probably. Anyhow, experiment with it next time you change your brass strings when they are old enough
phosphorus bronze? nickel wound?

taylors come with elixirs. polywebs i believe.