Whats up Guys!

I need a little help with this new chord.
I found it in a Rockschool book and wondered who knew the correct way to play it.


e - 5
B - 3
G - 4
D - 4
E - 3

I was thinking, would they want you to play it with your fingers or pick?
And what about left hand finger position?

Play with your fingers or with a pick, It's whatever you want really, unless said otherwise.
For the left hand fingering, Barre the 3rd fret and put your pinky on the 1st string 5th fret, ring finger on 4th string 4th fret and middle finger on 3rd string 4th fret.
I think fingers or pick both work fine, as for left-hand fingering: I'd either barre the 3rd fret with your 1st, using 2nd and 3rd fingers on the 4th frets and pinky on the 5th. Or you could use your thumb to fret the 3rd on the E-string and the remainder as before.
I like to use my thumb for the 3rd fret on the E-string, my middle and ring fingers on the 4th fret on the d and g strings, my index finger on the 3rd fret of the b string, and my pinky on the 5th fret of the high e-string. barring your index finger over the 3rd will add a C to the chord (IV) and that wont sound too good.
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