I posted an unfinished version earlier this week, and here it is, 98% complete, just a few minor things to add to it. Let me know what you think! Appreciate it, and C4C as always.
the open hi hat/cymbal is a tad over bearing and loud at the beginning... the riff is quite cool but could be a bit better, it almost seems like its only a half complete riff, if that makes sense - like an idea thats not exactly there yet... however, thats not half bad, bud.
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I think I'd say the same things as the user above me. I do however like your tone, it's not really bad at all compared to the other's ive heard lol. I think you'd also need to work on cleaner playing, the riffs were nice, but just they felt all over the place. The acoustic didn't really fit well into the song, but it was a nice touch. Not bad, needs work. Although it sounds pretty good so far, just touch up on your playing with a click track(or metronome).
Nice riffs, but the drums need working on, less double pedal action I say, it would make the whole song much better. I like the sudden change in emotion with the acoustic interlude, nice touch!
Wheres the link?
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