So I have taught myself guitar chords and all but (and I am a total beginner so sorry if I don't use the correct lingo and all!) I want to learn how to play a real song!

You know, apart from chords. So, has anyone got some really easy advice or a lot of free time as I would love to know and am a fast learner, as I said, I taught myself! MANY THANKS
advice = take your time. rome wasn't built in a day and you can't be eric clapton, herman li, jimi hendrix or whoever your idol is in a day, week or even a month. start slow, work your way up. i first learned free fallin by tom petty and the heartbreakers, fairly simple, based on a D. then progressed onto songs such as wish you were here by pink floyd, mostly chords but some tabs thrown in there, try and play that if it's your kinda thing, it's a starting point for what you're trying to achieve. then move onto things like stairway to heaven, and so on and so forth. i made the mistake of trying to run before i could walk guitar-wise so after a year of playing i decided to start all over again, from the beginning and i'm a lot better for it. so my advice to anyone starting or whose a beginner is to take your time, work slowly and it'll come to you.
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I started to learn by myself about 6 years ago, I've always found watching things on youtube is best, get the chords for the song you want, watch the video (cover versions are usually just as good) and just try and see what they do, its not an exact science but beats just helplessly struming chords that sound nothing like the song you want. And also just practice every spare minute and before you realise you'll be playing alsorts.

and like the last guy said, don't try anything too complicated it'll only knock your confidence.

Keep it up, hope I've been a help!!
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I am a guitar teacher, I would like to help you learn, however over the Internet all I can show you is the theory side ( I have a really simple method for explaining it)
here's my email