Hey pit, i know this doesnt belong here. But i dont know where else i can get help.

I've been having huge fights with my family. We dont have our own place right now and we live with our grandma. And yesterday i ended up fighting my brother. a fist fight. and today i got into a fight with my grandma and mom. i dont know whats going on. if its me or if its them. im guessing its me. but i want it all to stop. just tell me if you guys have had these problems and how you fixed it.
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Don't argue with them? I dunno, whats causing the fights? The stress of not having your own place and therefore feeling like crap will contribute to things kicking off remember, and this is perhaps the main cause.
Move out.
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your 17, it would be wierd if you didnt fight with your family.
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Hey pit, i know this doesnt belong here.

Always love when people start off a thread with this statement.
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Stop starting fights with them. It's better to just take it and not fight back. You'll be on your own soon enough
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*in a deep echo-y voice with some reverb*

we can not help you in your time of need child... it is only you who can help yourself.

*turns into smoke and vanishes*

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well....theres this thing called fresh air and i think you need some of it

just get out of the house
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Ummm... Really? Discussing family problems in the Pit? Go talk to some family member or a shrink about this.

I agree, no point in telling sweaty teenagers about your family problems. Better off talking to a family member or a skid.
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Lock the doors and kill everyone

The pure extremity of that statement made me lol

So how bad did you snot your brother?
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yeah probably. Or the circuits.
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Masturbate more? Could help.

+1. Relieves stress.

Make it a family activity.


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