I assume adjusting my truss rod will lower my guitars action?

I only need it lowering slightly, but i'd like to do it.

Oh and it's an acoustic Washburn.

Any tutorials for this?
man i wouldnt mess with the truss rod because it can go horribly wrong, get it to a guitar tech and get them to have a look. extra cost, but it could be the difference between the guitar breaking or working.
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it depends on lowering the action so you have to turn it a certain way, but i am not sure which way. is the truss rod available at the head, or in the body?
Tightening the trussrod will lower the action but it'll also change how much relief the neck has. Not enough relief means you get fret buzz on the low frets. Before you do anything you need to check how much relief your neck has now. So tune it up and push the low E string down on the 1st and 14th frets. Next look at how much distance is between the bottom of the string and the top of the 5th fret. It should be around 1mm or 2mm. If it's within that range then don't adjust your truss rod. If it's got more distance than that then go ahead and tighten it 1/4 turn.
It will, but only if you tighten it (adding relief to your neck will RAISE the action). Also, I only recommend messing with the truss-rod if a serious amount of backbow is indeed the cause of your high string action. If that's not the case then tightening the truss rod will probably cause your neck to become too straight which'll cause a lot of annoying fretbuzz, and you don't want that. Tinkering with your action should always be done with care, especially on acoustics: start with loosening up the trussrod first before tightening it, always leave your guitar resting for AT LEAST 15 minutes or so after every quarter turn and DON'T force your way through this operation or the trussrod might snap inside the neck (don't listen to richyt93 tho: if you do it right there really is no reason for things to go horribly wrong, you don't have to be an employee of Takamine in order to perform this adjustment correctly... )

So in other words, if your neck seems to be pretty straight then maybe backbow isn't the problem at all. If that's the case I recommend leaving the trussrod alone > maybe you should consider the other common option for altering the action on your acoustic, which is lowering the bridge (by sanding it down) until you're satisfied with your guitar's playability. I'm sure you'll find enough posts and tutorials regarding this adjustment...

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Well based on that, it doesn't seem like I need to. Thanks!

It's the higher frets that are bothering me really, the action gets a tad high up there.
You're not supposed to adjust the truss rod to affect action. You're supposed to use it to adjust the neck if it bows or warps. If your neck's warped or bowed, then you should adjust the truss rod, but if it's fine, then you should adjust the saddle and possibly the nut. Basically to lower the action, take some sand paper (around 100 grit should work) and rub the bottom of the saddle on it. Just do a little at a time, because chances are you won't be able to get the action much lower from what the factory does without getting fret buzz.
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