Here´s the new original mix, minimalistic Electro House, far away from the mainstream.


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The kick drum has a little too much high end for my taste. It's interesting so far. I like the waves kind of flowing up and down. the big synth is in now... pretty cool sounding. It just dropped into the groove and I really like it now. It gave me that "Oh yeah!" feeling.

Little break, pretty cool still. It still has my interest. Lots of little things happening, but it doesn't seem too busy. Another little groove in there.

Sex noises? Dear lord. It just transformed into a strip club anthem.

Still got the groove going on. Now it's ending with some gurgling noises.

Pretty cool overall, not really my style of music, but I appreciate it for what it is.
Good quality tune.

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Dude, nice track! I dig the moaning the most lol. Sorta reminds me of a few seconds of Windowlicker by Aphex Twin.
Perhaps you could improve the low end of those bass kicks a little more. The bass only pops out when I've got the sub on (and it sounds great!), otherwise it's pretty darn weak.
Not too impressed before the 1:45 mark (ish), but I guess you gotta build these beats up from the ground. Like when the drum comes back in and the riff gets chopped and those neato background noises wooshing around... wingo!
Pretty impressed on the whole with this. I think I'm going to download it off YouTube, that is, if you don't mind.
I've got a thread here concerning my tunes, if you want to critique. I'm a bit in to the electronic music too Though not really dance music.