So got a Fender Classic 50's Strat, and it hums quite a bit. I figure it's a) My lousy amp which I'm gonna upgrade soon and 2) Standard 50 hertz (Here in the UK) hum.

But even when I've got my volume on 0, I still have hum? I'm running an EHX big muff pi, and turn it off, hum goes...

So which one is it making the noise?
It's a "Stagg 60 GAR", I bought it 'cause it was cheap and loud..

I just turned off the Big Muff, used the amps dist and same problem.

So I'm guessing it's between the amp and the pickups now?
if you turn down your guitar's volume to 0, and still have the hum, it's not the pickup. should be the amp that's picking up the noise.
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If the hum goes away when you turn off the muff it's probably get that. If you don't want the feedback from it check out getting a noise suppressor
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