We recently put two songs up on our myspace from our upcoming ep.

Let us know what you think! We are Lady Macbeth.

A little like if RHCP met Muse


The sound quality isn't tremendous, but you get the idea
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How can RHCP meets Muse be Power Pop?

Apart from that, I really enjoyed the guitar solo on Joey's Song, it's REALLY amazing.
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it just kinda works out that way. More evident in our songs that aren't on there, but whichever.
Well, it's good nonetheless, looking forward to hearing more...I just found the songs to be a bit slow sometimes, like ambient music Y'know?
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A little like if RHCP met Muse

or not...
still rather good tho, not as much punch as i like with my music but im a simple man i like the who and led zep
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If anyone's still interested, we've got our debut EP streaming and for sale at http://ladymacbeth.bandcamp.com

and I apologize if anyone was mislead by my original description... the similarities are more subtle then anything :P Nonetheless, check us out!
I don't exactly have any money to spend at the moment, but I like the two songs on your Myspace, Tears of a Robot being my favourite.
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I like to think I know a tad about alt, so I'll give you guys a listen

Playing 'Tears of a Robot' at the moment.

First thing that strikes me is the vocals remind me of later Misfits tracks. I like them! I really like the sweeping filter before the chorus too, works well with the harmonies. I do think the harmonies could be 'stronger' - perhaps that is more a mixing issue though. The final, chaotic section before and during the final chorus is fantastic, love it.

I'm not sure you guys do a huge amount for me lyrically, but musically it's really engaging. I think you've nailed it with 'Alternatic Powerpop' too, it kinda reminds me of a lot of 80's pop, sitting somewhere is the indie bracket too. Really good

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