Random improv that I then typed up for critique. Comment if you likes it/if you don't/tell me what you don't like/how I could improve it. Ta. xx

We hadn't talked for quite a while before you said goodbye
The unsaid words filled up the spaces
And though I cried inside to see you go
It was so much easier than admitting
That it was wrong
To lead you on
With my promises

And I was wrong,
Oh so wrong,
To tell you I loved you
To win the arguments we hadn’t even had
It’s just so hard to get through to you
And it’s so hard that I can’t imagine
Telling you the truth
When all you do
Is lie to me

We hadn’t talked for quite a while
When you said I’m leaving
And we hadn’t talked
Or shared our lives
For several months

And the silence is cracking
And I want to say “don’t go”
But it’s harder than it seems
With cobwebs sticking to your dreams
To admit you love someone
Who won’t believe a word.

We haven’t talked in a while
And it seems like so long ago
And I’m forgetting how to put my thoughts
Into the air in words that fit the moment
Emarried to the awesome BlackWaterson.

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I like this one. The diction shows remorse. No one ever sees the side of the liar or cheater or whatever. No one ever seems to know how badly hurt the deceiver is. Only the deceived. Great pov