I am a supreme lover of music from bands such as Tool, A Perfect Circle and Karnivool. Albums like Themata and Thirteenth step really really do it for me.

So my question stands, can any of you guys recommend me some properly awesome music that you think I'd like considering my love for these three bands?

My tastes span a whole bunch more than this so I'm not a close minded butt head or anything, it's just I don't know where else to go along this line of music and really desire some more of this style!!

I've ordered up the Ashes Divide CD and am looking around on youtube at stuff from Filter just now and rather liking it but I want more!!!!

So yeh, recommend me some awesome Albums please !! (Yeh specific Albums worthy of buying, surprisingly I'm against downloading a whole back catalogue discography for nothing so your ideas have to be worthy of spending my hard earned cash )

And above all, Thanks in advance for your help!!!
Chevelle has often been compared to Tool, Pete Loeffler has a slightly similar vocal style to Maynard but throws in the occasional scream at times, and they have a good balance between the cleans & the riffs, though they're a little less complex. Still though, they're awesome, I'd recomend their 'This Type of Thinking' or 'Sci-fi Crimes' albums. Also, 10 Years is amazing as well. They stray a little closer to APC's style, but their vocalist hits the upper registers alot more frequently, and in my opinion has a more powerful voice, and the band as a whole does a great job at focusing on melodies. They've only got two albums, 'The Autumn Effect' and 'Division', but both are definitely worth the buy.

EDIT: I almost forgot about Deftones. They take awhile to get into, it's hard to describe their music, but they're most certainly worth it. 'Diamond Eyes', 'Around the Fur', and 'White Pony' are their best albums
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Mastodon and Clutch.
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Check out Breaking Benjamin's first two albums "Saturate" and "We Are Not Alone". Ben Burnley's voice is kind of similar to the singer from Tool. That's some decent alt. metal.

Maybe Three Days Grace? They're first album is kinda alt metal, it's a little more rocky but still good. )Their first album is just called Three Days Grace btw. )

Check out Red , they're a Christian band but you probably couldn't tell from their heavier songs. Check out their second album, Innocence and Instinct. They did some co'writing with Breaking Benjamin. Check out songs like "Death of Me" (awesome song) .

You could also check out Skillet, a good album is Comatose.

Also Seether, don't really have any good album suggestions though.
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Rishloo. They aren't nearly as metal as the others, but they really are prettyt strong. THe vocalist has been compared to Maynard. Similar, but not the same.
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Vol. I and Vol. II by HURT - more on the rock side of things but with a layer of depth.
This Is The Warning by Dead Letter Circus - an Australian band with some similarities to Karnivool.
The New Normal and Sharing Space by COG - Another Australian band, kind of alt rock/metal but with Tool-esque drumming in parts.
Begins Here by The Butterfly Effect - yet another Australian band from the same scene, but with their own spin again.

And finally, seconded on the suggestion of 10 Years. Division isn't their best, IMHO, but The Autumn Effect is great. There's also another album before that which isn't so widespread - Killing All That Holds You.
If you are going to check out Breaking Benjamin, 'Dear Agony' and 'Phobia' are also really good albums. Seether's 'Karma & Effect' and 'Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces' are probably their best. Chevelle is also an awesome band. I doubt you would be disappointed in any of these.
Thanks thoroughly thoroughly much to all you guys for chipping in!! I have been planning and now taking part in a trip round Europe hence the delay but at the minute I'm sitting on a Budapest hostel's wifi downloading an EP from Dead Letter Circus by the name of 'Next in line' and 'Vena Sera' by Chevelle straight onto my iPhone!! Woop woop!! As one of ya said I won't be disappointed by any of the suggestions and I am not, I've got everything by Mastodon already and a few of Clutch's albums (seen em live too) although I forgot to mention them at the start I guess. So yeh when I get back home I'm probably gonna order a whole bunch of CDs based on your suggestions!!

Thanks again fellers!!!