I'm trying to decide between these 2 guitars. I play classic rock and heavy blues currently but I'm looking to get into shredding and would be looking for tones most common in eighties metal. You know things with lots of chorus. I would also ideally not have the guitar be a one trick pony. The ESP has EMG's which I think may limit it's abilities? Thoughts?


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ibanez all the way, really.
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i love the esp's and ltd's and not so much with ibanez. i have an ec-1000 with the emgs and don't mind them at all. i play alot of classic and southern rock stuff along with metal. idk, i like the sound i have. the best thing to do if you can is go to guitar shops to find those guitars or similar ones from these two companies. see what has the sound you are looking the most for.
I tried a neck thru ESP with EMG's through a crumby amp and I got to try the Ibanez today. Both necks feel nice and the Ibanez seems a bit wider. The Ibanez ZR trem does seem solid. I tend to cycle through guitars quickly so I don't know which one will have better resale. I think they're both made in China.
I'm an ESP man, but the Ibanez seems like the better buy. EMGs limit your tonal capabilities to high gain rock and metal.