Sorry for my English and listen plz. Administrator if you can put this topik as main. My name is Anton
I am a guy 22 years old. I live in Ukraine in the poor city of Borispol (its near Kiyv). I lived not badly for the time being…. One day I was driving my car (Daewoo lanos) and one man (he was driving Bentley continental with the security on range rover sport) hitted me in a side of car. I went out to looked but he and his guard attacked on me where I ride and who gave driver documents for me. I was in Schok, at this situation they make me guilty. I got a telephone and began to ring to police. But they take out my telephone, took away my car document and key. They took away my car and say that I must for 40 days pay them 11000$. I have only 2500$, I ask to take a credit at the bank, but they can give me only 4000-5000$ because my work payment is not so big. I don’t know what to do… My work comlete at 70% from my car. My parents don’t have this money, I ask a friend –they will give me 1000-2000$. People if you can transfer some of funds( 1$ 2$ how much you can) to my webmoney, because in our city I ask people for a help but nobody help. In our city two classes rich and poor. I ask all world for a little help. If you can help please. I only have webmoney keeper ...

Administrator dont Ban me...people ask the question
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Cool story bro.
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ehh...people really think that this is not true( you were not in Ukraine, you ever see what here going on( too bad
Alas, I have no money to send. But I have a picture of that might help you out. Inspiration of things when they get better.
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You joined today and your first post is asking for money, what do you expect?
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I don't even understand the story....
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Ok, sending now, hope it gets better.
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You joined today and your first post is asking for money, what do you expect?

really- i don't know when you have all, and now some of the bad guy tell me that i am NOTHING and need him give the money- the life become bad
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This thread makes no sense. At all.

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I don't even understand the story....

sry i have bad english. in Ukraine not so many people know english good... all speak some like me ;-\
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You're either really in Deep shit, or a Good troll, I never remember a Troll actually talking to people after the first post, yet again I don't look for trolls.
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He posted this exact story on a BMW forum and whatever eXBii is.

Bro, you should get a job. How do you own a computer, let alone internet, if you have no money?
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