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I'm thinking of gettting this http://www.dawsons.co.uk/acatalog/gibson_les_paul_studio_raw_power_satin_gold_gold_hardware.html
But I hate the colour of the fretboard, is there a way I can stain it a darker colour?

Fender clearcoat their maple fretboards so, assuming Gibson do the same, you'd have to de-fret, sand the existing finish off, stain and then refinish and refret.

Technically possible, but you could potentially ruin your nice new fretboard if you don't know what you're doing.

Don't they do a similar model with rosewood or other darker fretboard?
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I didn't think you'd need to de-fret it would you? So long as you're careful about it I think it's possible without the long process of fretting which would make me cry I'd imagine.
Try calling Gibson and ask them to make one custom for you... who knows lol they might oblige.

For some extra dough of course
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maple fret boards, in addition to look, are for a brighter tone. so if you had to, you could remove the maple board and install a ebony fretboard. its dark and bright. or do rosewood (or any wood!)if you dont care so much about the tone. some debate the effect fretboards have on tone. just make sure you get the right scale, 24.75 for les pauls
Well seeing as the main selling point of the raw power is the maple, and you want to get rid of that look.. why not buy a different guitar? it would be alot easier and you wouldn't kill the resale value by doing a bunch of home-made mods to it. Just my 2 cents.
Sand/remove the clear
mask off the fretboard from everything else
apply stain
un mask
clean frets.

You guys make this out to be a huge undertaking. It's not really that hard at all as long as you know exactly what your doing.
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its not some huge ordeal, just take your time not to screw up the frets and you'll be fine.
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