name good guitars with a string thru body about £300 £500 just good guitar thats all i want from it ill change pickups n that if i need to

and 2nd question

Whay guitar does jerry horton use in this video?


pause at 1.40

thanks in advance

peace out and rock harder
Not sure if they're in the UK, but I found the Vintage VS6 SG copy to be nearly on-par with a $1500 Gibson SG(not sure what kind, it just said SG on the truss rod cover) sound-wise, looks-wise and feel-wise, and it sells for $550 CDN where I live. Mind you, I really don't like the plastic-knobbed tuners on them, but the Gibby SG has them too(odd, too, because the Epi G400s have chrome Grovers, I'm pretty sure). Might wanna check those out? =P

EDIT:To answer your second question, I think he's using some sort of Schecter if you mean the red guitar.
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i remember he used to have a schecter. possibly even a signature model because i saw him use it a few times.
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