I'm new to this and I just wanted to get some of my ideas out...I'm a guitarist and a singer and I'd like to hear what you guys think of this song I wrote.

-Cant hold on-

So we drive here again
To the place we belong in
To a place with no regrets
To a place we cant forget

I believe
I can change everything

If I said "I love you."
Would you say it back to me?
What if I said it from another body?

With your head on my chin
and your back on my chest
This is where it begins
My heart races at its fastest

How can't you feel my shaking hands
Digging my toes into the sand
Moving your hair from your face
And looking into...

Those eyes
Those beautiful lies
That cloud the true reality
of you and me
and how we can never be

"There you go again
giving me that look"
"I wish there was a way
To keep me from pushing you away"

So go ahead and marry your own tragedy
because "I let go too easily and I cant hold on."
It was one twenty-two when I said goodbye
Even when I thought this love would never die.