I'm building a tele out of swamp ash with a flamed maple top and a maple neck. I do believe this will be a bright guitar(correct me I'm wrong) but would adding bright pups make it sound too bright like overbearing (i like bright a guitar just not too much)

I play hard rock/punk and was thinking about putting Seymour duncans super distortions SH-6 in the bridge which is a bright pickup. Would this be a good choice?
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Eh...it really depends what you consider overbearing. Personally I think it would be too bright and you'd be better off with an SH4. The AlNiCo magnet of the SH4 should be a little darker and smoother than the ceramic magnet of the SH6 and it will also take the edge off the attack a bit. You might also consider an SH-11 for a little less treble content and more mush than a JB if your amp is really bright and articulate. But yeah, in descending order of treble content and attack: SH-6->SH-4->SH-11 Just remember that none of them are bad choices. It all depends on your personal taste, so get what you judge to be the best for you.
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