I just bought an amp used, and it didn't come with a footswitch. It's a Randall RG100G3
and I was wondering if I needed to use the exact footswitch made for the amp to switch between channels, or if I could use any other footswitches?
I found the footswitch made for the amp, but I live in Iceland and shipping costs moneez, and i have no idea what that is.* Here's the footswitch I don't have, and dont feel like buying, if that helps.

*I found it funny. Is it or is it just 1:30am?

EDIT: None of my threads get answers. Fuck this.
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Try the Randall thread, perhaps?

Also, the bulk of the users on here are from the western hemisphere. A thread begun at 9:45pm EST on a Saturday night isn't going to get a great deal of attention.
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