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Dammit obeythepenguin you beat me to it! I'm supposed to be the resident Frames/Swell Season super fan.
I want you to put on your pretty summer dress
You can wear your Easter bonnet and all the rest
And I wanna make love to you yes, yes, yes when the healing has begun
-Van the Fuckin' Man
Any Mayday Parade song tbh, they are simply amazing - guitar is good in their songs, and the piano is incredible .
Only the good die young - Billy Joel
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Banned because yes, you may waste my time.

May I waste your time too
"You've Got a Friend" By James Taylor; there's a video on youtube of him and Carole King playing it back in the day...the day when he had hair.

"Sitting Waiting Wishing" by Jack Johnson; I think there's a piano solo or something like that in it.
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You win this thread. Pipe organs FTW.

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Let's take it one step further and add a slogan:

Big Bach is listening you!