I'm playing a song by a band named Interpol called Obstacle 1. The part that I'm confused about goes like this:


So as you can see I totally don't play the A string at all. So would I just finger pick this with my pick and my fingers or would i do a string mute with my finger or palm. It doesn't have the X symbol in the tab to signify a mute. Help would be appreciated.
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Use some of your index finger to mute it.
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Play the note on the D string with your pinky. The other part is played normally.

Pluck, and rise, at the same time. [?] It's how I did it when learning to play songs with a lotta portions like that.
If it's supposed to be an octave (which I'm guessing it is), just bar your index finger a bit across the neck and strum like a power chord, when you bar your finger don't do it so much the note rings or so little that you hear a harmonic. If it's not an octave, then I would try just tapping the note on the D string, like a hammer on but without hitting a note on the D string before it.