Hey, im looking at making a custom pedal board (or rather buying a flightcase) but im just wondering about the power supply issue.
Mainly because my distortion pedal is a Blackstar HTDISTX and it takes AC 14v to run it and the rest of my pedals are the standard 9v dc stompboxes.

Ive been looking at some power bricks for pedal but cant really seem to find something to fit my needs and im not really too good with electronics, so can someone help me?

If you're not too good with electronics and don't know how to get the correct voltages and amperages, buy something that is. You'll save yourself a lot of heartache and frustration. I know electronics, but I still buy the power supplies available off-the-shelf. Why? They can make 'em a lot cheaper and better. Go with what works.

For your 9 volt DC stuff, purchase a supply called the 1 Spot. I use one and it'll power at least a dozen pedals - mine does.

For the AC stuff - look at the manufacturer of the pedal. They should sell the right power supply for it.
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I really wanted an all in one thing if thats possible, because i dont really want to be fiddling about with alot of different plugs onstage or is that not possible?
Small power strip on your pedalboard?
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So theres pretty much no way of doing it all in one? Ah alright then, thanks

Ill just have the small power strip for the blackstar and the power brick thing for everything else

you could do something like that, but you would have to find a transformer with the correct turns ratio. the article talks more about stuff for 9VDC, but taking off the filter leaves you with AC. get the correct turns ratio and you are in. combine that with the way they do DC, and you should be able to make a single box that powers all your pedals.

however, i would not recommend this to anyone who isnt good with electronics. screwing up when using wall power can be dangerous. so if you dont know much about electronics, just buy something.
why dont you just get a 1-spot for the DC stuff and still use the power supply that came with the blackstar. is it really that big a deal to have to use ONE power supply seperate from a power brick?