why are these guitars so cheap? are they fake or somethin? on the jem it says its due to cheap labour, but plenty of guitars are made in china so how is that possible to have such a ridiculously low price? they are hardly fakes, the les paul has grovers, and everything seems fine (2 screws missin of the jem maybe, thats about it).
so my main questions are:
has anyone dealt with these guys before?
is it trustworthy?
why are they cheap?
if anyone has any info that woul be great
Well, the Les Paul says made in USA on the back of the headstock... So if they're saying it's made in China... What else could they be lying about?
They are not trustworthy. They are cheap because they are fake, and poorly made. We've had a ton of threads on this recently, please don't keep giving these criminals fake advertising by linking to their site.