What is it
that keeps me

Is it the midnight sky?
or is it the moons vicious glow.
Is it how tender the stars sparkle?

Everything is so peaceful
The wind gently blowing

It's quiet
People drifting away
Their Unconscious selves
Too tired to fight
Too tired to talk

All distant and insight
Right from my own room
Looking up
I see everything

Why does the night calm me
why do i choose darkness over light

With all these why's
i truly figure out why i never sleep

Why was it so easy to fall asleep,
when i was a younger lad
perhaps its because my sister, or my father.
Would tell me stories?
No, i now understand why!

So young and unaware
i knew nothing
therefore i didnt think.
Now with more years that have passed by
i have more to think and wonder why
everything is, and why it is not