[This is not a emotional/suicidal note/b.s.] This is merely a note about wondering what actually happens after death. Is there Heaven? Is there Hell? perhaps we just fade to black

What is life?
What are we supposed to do?
What am i doing here?

How is this real?
How is life what it is?
How are we what we are?

I've looked into mirrors
I've seen a reflection
How can this be me?

I've Starred at the stars
I've had thoughts

What am i doing here?
Am i just a pawn?
Am i here just to die?
People die everyday
What makes any of us an exception.

The world is distorted.
A man wants power,
So we all must die.
Because we are chess pieces
And he is the player

You have almost a century of life
But in a minute you can die

We are so small,
The universe is really big
What truly matters if we leave?


We are dust
Dust that comes and goes
Meaningless dust

People say we have meaning
People believe in life after death
What is life?
What is death?

These are things that don't exist
We are nothing
i am nothing
false hope?
false dreams?
What is it for?
Do i want to be remember?
Do i want to live forever?
I am already dead

We are what causes death
weapons,hatred,death death death
we created these
there is no other world

Stare at your reflection
Tell yourself you dont know
what you are looking at
Think, What is your meaning
No matter what you say or come up with
It is a lie
You, No we are nothing

Peace cannot exist
Age not knows of a limit
Mankind is immature
Mankind is not ready for peace
Mankind is stupid for making up lies
we have no meaning
We just die