does anyone know of any acoustic artists who aren't upbeat and poppy i.e jack johnson or jason mraz...like johnson is good, but im just tired of the same upbeat happy music...does anyone know of any artists who are more like calm, nostalgic, sad...like im not saying it needs to be depressing, though it can be but im looking for something other than the artists listed above ^
Fleet Foxes. Very very 'un-upbeat'.. they sometimes use other instruments... but they try to keep their songs as 'empty as possible' I guess.
opeth (a prog/death metal band) did a quiet album that nonmetal fans can dig

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Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Alexi Murdoch, Sean McCann, Bill Fay, Jeffy Tweedy.
Andy McKee has a good bit of this.......it is instrumental though
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check out illusions live by michale graves.
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I'll second the Iron & Wine suggestion. You could give a listen to Christy Moore and Luka Bloom, too. Both of them mix a good bit of softer, thoughtful stuff in their rep.
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Matthew Santos and Andrew White. Pretty much any artist on Candy-rat records.
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thanks for the suggestions, im going to check them out soon. and ya ive been listening to anthony green for a while, and i really like it.
City and colour. Try his first album 'Sometimes'. Second album was (unfortunately) happier
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