Have any of you guys ever met/talked to the biggest douche on Earth?

But let me introduce you to him beforehand on this conversation.
He supposedly can do these things or think like this:

He thinks he's the smartest person alive, yet says "I'm no Jesus"
He claims at the age of 36 he'll build a wormhole generator
He also says he can play faster than 300 bpm, and can play guitar better than anyone
He has the tendency to always be a ignorant, "know it all" douche without realizing it
He has 0 sense of humor and will never get laid (as if the intro didn't convince you enough already)
He has composed "MILLIONS OF MUSICAL PARTS, AND SONGS, ETC. Guitar solos are in the hundred thousands"
He knows how to play every genre and sub genre
He can not be beat in an argument, because he's so "perfect" and "logical"
For all you Atheists he beat all and other Christians (probably Atheist now) by using cold, hard "FACTS"
Though I believe in God, he thinks the Holy Spirit made all these parallel universes in space, though I think the same, but that's NOTHING compared to what Y'ALL ARE GONNA READ IN OUR CONVERSATION.

Our conversation on Facebook. WARNING: Do note my rationality vs. his "God" omnipresence logic.

I will make a generator to travel to different universes because this one is boring.

and I will fight alongside the superheroes. And when the wormhole comes in

as soon as I enter it my house will self destruct

and the wormhole generator destroyed

to prevent the knowledge from falling into the wrong hands

and privacy

6:21pmMe (I'm the Black guy writing this forum post)
You literally want to make a wormhole generator and travel to "other universe"?

so in some parallel universe, superheroes exist


I'd rather stay on Earth

There are many earths

This one

in this universe

I can do more good with the superheroes than I can here

Besides, this universe bores me

You remind right now, of Voivod's lyrics in "Experiment"


voivod knows little of the universe

I'd fit in better in another universe

Finally something we both can agree on

This planet pursues a doctrine of alienation

Other universes would have more intelligent people, and hopefully less malevolent

Lol, I bet you'll find "Alien Guitar Scales" over there

New ways of playing guitar

That the human couldn't comprehend or even dream of playing

average human at that

I'd learn that and probably stop playing guitar

maybe piano playing on occasion

I'd be helping the superheroes

I might even somehow become one

Lord knows it's better than composing music

helping people is something I enjoy doing

more than learning and more than music

And I'll probably travel multiple universes

helping people and searching for ultimate knowledge and wisdom

Live a thousand years, maybe more

Penance for the sins that I commit

I figure the least I can do is help people and live a long life devoted to helping them

rather than try to luck out and do nothing helpful with a short life

I'm seriously waiting for the "You are so stupid to believe any of this bullshit, I'm telling your gullible black ass" moment, because I think YOU ARE BEYOND INSANE

More like

you're beyond cynical for thinking that I have anything useful to gain from lying or joking about it

Oh my God! Why hasn't my mind exploded yet?

I swear, this is not as complex as you make it out to be

I have not yet tried to make it intellectually challenging

Yes because complex to me, obviously must not be "bat shit crazy" to you

It's just not incredibly simple like your plan to make music

Mine involves scientific breakthroughs to help people

and do something interesting in life


Now I must play that album

what a great excuse to listen to it

How about this

if I have a chance

however slim it may be

to open a second wormhole for a few seconds

I'll send you pictures and music from the other universe

at a given location

I can't guarantee it

but I may have the opportunity

This was A FRACTION of our original conversation.
I obviously must not be Black since no Black person can be this intelligent as me, or falling to even get "any of this bullshit" he thinks this is "very possible" every time me and him argue remember he says "YOU NEVER MAKE SENSE".

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The truth is, Muslims never apologized for their faith having something to do with the attacks on 9/11.


This thread again?



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You're an idiot on too many levels to post them all here...

edit: Oh, and your friend is more interesting than you'll ever be
I think that the TL;DR of this is TS thinks Black people are stupid, either that or he constantly tries to separate himself from everyone by pointing out the fact that he's black, either way its stupid

You belong in a museum.

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you used ignorant and know-it-all in the same sentence...they are opposites.

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