i've been reading alot via google about lower gain preamp tubes such as 12AT7s in the V1-V3 slots for the supersonic to smooth out the gain? is this accurate? because i love this amp, but its a shame that the burn channel regardless of how i have the gain knobs set to, it doesnt smooth out until 5 or 6 on the knob...ya....volume at 3 was vibrating crap all over the place lol. i honestly dont even see with the genre that i usually play in bands utilizing the supersonic being pushed at such insane volumes. was thinking of picking up 3 12AT7s to replace the first 3 preamp tubes which apparently control the cleans/the burn channel and i think the gain knobs. im not looking for more gain, guess im just looking for some clarity at lower volume...without digging out the hotplate.
What's in it now?

You can also use 12AY7 and 12AU7. 12AU7 are low gain hifi tubes. Excellent microphone valves, I'd try one of those as well 'twer I you.
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