That's more or less the effect I'm going for. I'm a pretty good artist, so I thought I'd try a stylized animal (a dragon, tiger, wolf, eagle, etc?)

The guitar is sanded, the primer is on, and it's ready to paint. Any suggestions? Please also link to a picture (it would make it much easier than making up my own).Thanks!
Are you going to clear coat it afterwards..in which case, I assume you want a proper glossy finish?

You should wet sand your primer to 1000 grit before you start, to get it all nice and smooth.

Wet sand the final coat of clear too and buff it up, for a real gloss.
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Funny thing is I'm planning on repainting my Washburn X10 too..
What primer did you use for it?

And on topic, I say you do a grizzly bear design:
Do it on the blank section of the body going up. Also, WHO WOULD MESS WITH A F*CKING GRIZZLY BEAR GUITAR?!?