Cool song dude, lot of nice parts.

As you said, parts are repetitive. The intro...why not have the guitar go a bit higher? Do a bit of a solo? Would spice it up and make it more interesting and engaging, imo.

The chorus is cool; laid back but still powerful. However, the transition from verse to chorus feels a bit abrupt, a bit jarring. Why not write a pre-chorus, to connect them up and make the song flow a bit smoother?

With the verses, it feels pretty repetitive. If you want the verses that long, I recommend you change around the "second" parts of each verse (ie; the eight bars after the first eight bars of each verse). Or, hell, cut them out.

The last chorus ("cool ending chorus thing") was really good; fit the song great and felt really concluding and satisfying.

I really liked the acoustic guitar throughout the song. Gave it a certain unique vibe.

Good work dude
I'm Sam
There were three main problems with this- the verses were too long, and the chorus wasn't in the same key as the verses, and lastly lead line created some unpleasant dissonant harmonies with the vocal line. I'd say hold off on the lead line until the last verse, so that the harmonies don't get in the way as much, and add something instead to variate the last verse.

I took a go at a solo. Tell me what you think. No obligation for you to keep it, just throwing it out there.

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Darkness May Fall (2) with solo.gp5
I tried to make a solo, too. I also did as The_Raven suggested and made a short solo-ish thing in the intro. Also, I adjusted the other instruments in the last bar of the solo to better suit it, I hope you don't mind. Tell me what you think.
Darkness May Fall (2) solos.gp5