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I'd rather be deaf.
97 52%
Blind is more my thing, really.
77 41%
Both. When I do something, I go all the way!
13 7%
Voters: 187.
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I know without searching it has been done before, but still. This is the Pit after all. More pointless threads exists.

If you were, hypothetically, placed in a, inescapable position where you had to make a choice between either being deaf or being blind, which would you choose?

I, personally, would choose blindness, for the sole reason of my musical interests. It's a big part of my life, really, to make it short. Playing guitar, piano and singing would be pretty pointless if you couldn't hear it.

Also, I'm not going to go on about the "your other senses would be heightened"-bullshit.
They wouldn't. You'd just get better at using your other ones to compensate.

So, Pit... What would you choose? If you've got reasons, I'm curious to hear them.
As much as people go 'ohhhh, music is my lifeblood, I'd just die without it', I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine given some time -_- I could learn to lip read and get by with some close people. I've got many more ways than appreciating art than listening to music, even though it would be tragic. Seeing is more useful day to day, too.
id rather be deaf, i used to be anyway before i had an op and my hearings going again now , not really something to make light of
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Without vision you can still hear your surroundings and (somewhat) create a picture in your mind of what your surroundings may look like. Also, with blindness it's still possible to communicate with people through normal speech, with deafness you'll have to start using sign language.
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My cousin is deaf and he does everything anyone else does except for thing that require hearing, whereas blind people are more helpless.
I choose deafness.
I'm going deaf anyway so I'm going with the deaf option. Yes, I couldn't play bass anymore, but I'm sure I could find other things to do.

PLus, I can already lip-read and use sign language (American and British sign languages).
blind. I love music too much.
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actually, scrub my last answer. I'd go with blind- I could still play bass then, and I can tell just by listening if I'm playing it correctly.

Also, drumming is pretty easy when blind.
i chose both, because i think that is going to happen to me,
i've had terrible hearing since i was little, and my vision is going away slowly,
i think by the time i am 40 i will lose both,

btw most of my dads family are deaf, and my mom's dad was blind, if i had to choose one, id rather be deaf to be honest, i am an engineer i will be able to still work if i was deaf
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For me it's really hard.

Normally I'd just choose deafness in a heartbeat, because sight is much more important for my day to day life than hearing. However being a music major, I cannot imagine being able to get a degree and job based on that degree if I were deaf. And I've always been really good at music classes, and it's the only subject I don't have any trouble understanding in college, so it's hard for me to imagine getting a degree outside music.

But overall, I still think I'd choose deafness.
Mainly, I'd rather be deaf than blind. As a musician, however, I'd rather go blind.
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I enjoy driving more than playing guitar nowadays so I chose Deaf.
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Blind. It's hard to mix songs when you can't hear them.

Wouldn't it also be hard if you can't see what the fook you are doing?
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Wouldn't it also be hard if you can't see what the fook you are doing?

Not if I had a control surface and felt my way around the board
deaf. it might be humorous to see the reaction of other people when i try to talk to them...
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Me too probably. Though to answer the question, id probably rather being deaf because you can still live your life with less problems than if you were blind.

But I'd go crazy not being able to hear my favourite music again.
I'd rather by deaf, I prefer to see the beauty of the world through my eyes as opposed to hear it through my ears.
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I'd rather go blind. At least my Braille training won't go to waste.
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I'd rather be deaf. Everyone who chose blind really hasn't thought it through.
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I have a 20/(100-150) vision already, so blindness would probably do the least damage.
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Blind, purely because of music and i would much prefer to hear peoples voices.

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Both of them have done alright despite their handicaps.

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Music means more to me than sight. And I don't think I could live never hearing another human voice, especially those of my loved ones.
deaf. a blind person could walk infront of a train and get hurt whilst a deaf person would have spotted the train
deaf. a blind person could walk infront of a train and get hurt whilst a deaf person would have spotted the train

The blind person wouldn't hear the train? They tend to be big noisy things.

Anyway, I'd choose deafness. I'd also be curious to see if my tinnitus is and ear problem, or a neurological one. Deafness would help solve that.
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